Modern slavery – sentencing guidelines

Modern slavery – sentencing guidelines There has been a recent case at Bristol Crown Court where a Couple were jailed for enslaving 29 people – http:// How do Judges determine the Sentence? The Sentencing Council has the responsibility of developing and monitoring sentencing guidelines. The aim is to promote consistency in sentencing while maintaining the […]

Released Under Investigation

In April 2017 new provisions relating to pre-charge bail were introduced. The idea being suspects were not left waiting around for months of end whilst the police carried out their investigations. The new rule in a nutshell allows suspects to be released on pre-charge bail for 28 days to begin with. This can be extended […]

‘Just A Chat’ – The Dangers Of Voluntary Interviews With Police

‘Just a chat’, ‘nothing to worry about’, ‘procedure’…just some of the things you could hear from the police if your accused of a criminal offence that the police would like to speak to you about. Due to various reasons such as budget cuts, low staffing levels and closures of police custody suites, we have seen […]

What is a Police Station Representative?

I recently attended a wedding abroad with a large group of people I did not know and spent a large chunk of the holiday trying to explain what I did for a living. It was interesting to see the varied responses from the Community nurse who was empathetic about the long hours and lack of […]